Delta 60

In the late 24th Century, approximately 100 years after World War III, mankind is still on the rebound.

When the Delta 60 space station reports an anomaly detected in space, Dr. Brandon Pierce is brought in to investigate. Brandon is Earth's foremost expert on what the anomaly is supected to be, a rift between dimensions.

When his away pod suddenly disappears, drawn through the rift, Brandon crash lands on a world where the technology is approximately that of the middle ages.

Plus, he is the only human on the planet.

The beautiful elven princess, Feyola, finds Brandon. She is given the charge of being responsible for him.

Can Brandon ever find his way back to Earth or is he doomed to spend the rest of his days in this alternate dimension where he finds himself in the company of such creatures as elves, gnomes, trolls and ogres, all of which are only myths back home?
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