The Draconian Blade

Drayal is an elven paladin in service to the Mother Goddess. His ambition is to craft The Draconian Blade, the finest sword known to man. To obtain the sword involves a long, arduous series of tests to prove himself worthy of receiving the quest. Once he receives the quest, he must travel to the lair of a dragon and carve a claw from it to forge with the enchanted metal to make the indestructable blade. No other elf has been able to achieve this task in over 1000 years.

His quest will lead him far away from the elven realm, through the lands of many different races. Along the way, certain people cross his path and their destinies become irrevocably linked.

Drayal's purpose is clear when he begins his quest. As his journey continues, as his experiences mount, as his knowledge increases, the lines begin to blur.

Will Drayal be able to overcome the odds and craft the blade or will he join the ranks of those who have tried and failed? How will the others he meets, and their secrets, complement or complicate his task?

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