The Annals of Eventide

The City of Eventide... the name explains itself. Like most other cities, Eventide has schools, a hospital and homes of many kinds, as well as a large assortment of inhabitants that frequent this small stretch of earth.

But unlike most other cities the sun never fully rises over the horizon each morning thus making her true to her name. The magical aura kept firmly in place, coupled with the obvious supernatural positioning of the city on the planet sets it apart from the rest of the natural world, at the same time attracting the attention of some unique and questionable types of creatures.

The beauty and majestic qualities of this city have slowly slipped out of time, and few but those that stumble upon it by accident seem to even know of its existence... those and the creatures that it calls to in its never ending night.

The Annals of Eventide is currently planned to be a trilogy of books. I don't have the individual titles chosen yet. Each book is a chronicle of the Lore Keepers and their role in recording the history and lives of the preternatural inhabitants.

Enjoy this free short story about one of the inhabitants of Eventide:

A Pathological Dilemma
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