“I’m glad I paid for the maid service.” Tyce admired the marked difference in his now-clean house. “Now I can get settled in without having to scour everything first.” Tyce had found a flyer advertising house cleaning services on the bulletin board in front of the local market. Though leery at first because the woman’s prices were very low, the quality of her service pleasantly surprised him. “Much cheaper than what the maid in the city charged too.”

He set to the task of starting his unpacking today. First and foremost, he set up his work area. The downstairs spare room easily converted to his office. “I hope they got the Internet service turned on.” He hooked up his computer and booted it up with hesitant anticipation, half expecting it not to work.. “Aha, connection! I’m back amongst the living again!” He cringed as he saw the number of unread emails downloading from the server.

He let the computer run and tackled more boxes. Hours passed as he remained industriously focused. The combination of physical labor and the mental challenge of finding new homes for all his possessions kept his mind off of his troubles, for a short time at least.

Panting and sweaty, he finally paused for a drink and a break. “Wow, I really busted ass. I’ll put the rest of this shit up in the loft until I can figure out what I want to do with it.” His plan for the loft included converting it into a bedroom for Gage eventually, but for now it could suffice as storage.

A large closet graced the far side of the loft. As he put some boxes inside, something on the top shelf caught Tyce’s eye. “What the hell is that?”

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The House that Jack Built

Following an ugly divorce, famous horror author Tyce Szelovich aka Ty Sellers needed a break. Buying a secluded home in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest should have been the perfect remedy for him. Even someone as imaginative as Tyce never could have envisioned the effect one single, unique object left in the house by the previous owner would have on him...

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