Don't Kill the Messenger

When John Doe woke from his coma, the man seemingly had no recollection of his name or anything about himself. What he couldn't tell the doctors and nurses was that he knew exactly what he was - the Angels of Death's minion.

The problem with being a minion was his destiny intertwined with the soul he was sent to usher. When they died, so did he. John Doe suffered countless deaths and reincarnations over the millennia.

He was promised Kourtni would be the last one...

But now he's back again...

Nurse Andrea Kirteboom cared for John Doe during his coma and seemed especially attentive to him after he woke up, even helping him after his release. John Doe finds himself having feelings for the lovely caregiver, but how can he share the truth of his past and of his present purpose with a mere human? How can he allow his feelings to continue, knowing he's here only to find his mark and usher their soul across to the other side? Yet,how can he deny them...?

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