The Serpentine Staff

This is the sequel to The Draconian Blade.

Thirty years later, the war between the evil deities and the good deities only shows signs of escalating. Drayal leads the forces of good against the mounting odds. The shadow elves gain new allies, bolstering their cause.

Drayal and Kelane's son Kerstram is now a man and a formidable wizard in his own right. The constant reminder that he did not follow in his father's footsteps weighs heavily on the young wizard's mind.

Kerstram follows a calling, set on turning the tide of war and making his father proud of him. He and his companions set off on a clandestine quest that challenges everything they believed they were capable of.

Will Kerstram and his comrades prevail, or will he perish in a faraway land, forever branded a coward in his father's eyes?
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