Sin Eater

Lilliana has the ability to absolve people of their misdeeds. However, each time she does so, she risks damning her own soul even futher. She continues solely out of the belief that she is helping others and furthering the greater good.

Aidric is a former covert ops specialist. The unspeakable atrocities he committed in the past plague his nightmares. He thinks himself beyond help, but seeks Lilliana's help as a last ditch effort of finding peace.

Lilliana has unusual connection with Aidric. She doesn't know why he sparks her interest more than any other client. Many of her clients ask her to absolve them on their deathbed. Aidric is healthy and seemingly nowhere near death.

Can Lilliana help Aidric atone for his past or will he pull her down into a purgatory from which neither can ever escape?

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