Virginal Concupiscence was written with the Masquerade anthology series in mind. When I wrote my previous Masquerade story, Top This, I hadn't planned on a sequel. However when it was announced that the next volume would be GLBT themed, the wheels in my brain started to turn and I couldn't help but write it down.This book was set to published by Aphrodite's Apples as part of the Masquerade: Collier House anthology. Aphrodite's Apples closed the day before publication, so unfortunately it never hit the market. I had the rights reverted to me and will seek a new publisher eventually.

Virginal Concupiscence

Virginal Concupiscence takes place one year after Top This. Trina and her godly lover are still living their fantasy but now Deanne, Trina's friend who loaned her that awful, tangerine colored dress in Top This, is jealous of her friend's happiness. She knows she played a part in helping bring Trina together with her love and asks for a favor in return: She wants Loki to help her get in to this year's Arcadia Island Masquerade Ball so that she can have her own fantasy fulfilled!

Deanne is a lesbian so finding a goddess to fulfill her fantasy will prove to be a task for Trina's love, but the god is not one to shy away from a challenge!
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